As a small business owner, you may think hiring a cleaning company is out of the question. You probably assume hiring this type of service is a total luxury- one for big corporations, but not for you. While it sort of is a luxury, after all it means someone else will be taking care of all of that scrubbing and sweeping for you, it also happens to be a luxury that you can afford more easily than you thought. Here’s just a few reason hiring a professional cleaning service is more cost-effective than you may think:


#1 Many cleaners bring their own supplies
Cleaning the entire warehouse or office space requires a variety different cleaners. You need one cleaner for the bathroom tile, one for the mirrors, another for the toilet, and one more for the grout… And that’s just for the bathroom! A lot of professional cleaners, however, bring their own supplies. This saves you money and the hassle of sending someone to the store to stock up on cleaners. 

#2 Everyone will stay healthier
If you don’t have time to clean on your own, you can’t simply ignore it. Dirty isn’t just gross, it’s unsanitary. A professional cleaning service can help keep sickness down to a minimum. If it seems like there’s constantly an illness going around the office and people are calling out sick too often, cleanliness may be the issue.The tight quarters of an office are a breeding ground for viruses like the flu. One sick employee can start a chain reaction that can potentially take just about everyone down with them!

#3 They’ll get all the details
Guess what has more germs than almost any other part of your business? It’s not the bathroom. It’s all of the doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches. And yet, be honest: How often do you clean them with a disinfecting wipe? Probably not at least once a week, which is how often experts say you’re supposed to. A professional cleaner will make sure to do it for you.

Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping… It probably seems like no matter how often you do it, it’s not enough. Don’t try to do it alone anymore! For more information or pricing on having your company cleaned, contact LRM Commercial Cleaning today. We serve all businesses in the Waltham and Middlesex County area, including companies like yours. You can receive a free estimate by calling (617) 201-0333. No job is too big or too small for us!

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